Happy Birthday Sir!

Khudi ko kar buland itna k hr takdeer se pehlay…
Khuda bnday se khud puchay, bta teri raza kya hai?

Today marks as Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s 141st birthday. Iqbal was a philosopher, a poet, a politician, a scholar, a barrister and most importantly a LEADER. His concept of “KHUDI” led to a clear definition of his thoughts about the way of life a young Muslim should lead. His famous writings included Baal e Jibreel and Baang e Draa.. Iqbal mentioned the worth of young Muslims at every step of a nation building. His ideas were followed throughout the subcontinent and in the light of those bright ideas, Muslims of subcontinent achieved what we today call as PAKISTAN.

Allama Iqbal was a great protagonist of Muslim unity throughout the world. He considered Muslim Ummah as one power. To him, geographical boundaries between the Muslim countries didn’t matter as they did to the world. In one of his famous writings he describes his feelings as

Aik hun Muslim Haram ki paasbani k lye..
Neel k sahil se le kr, ta ba khaak-e-Kashghar

Iqbal’s philosophy about life didn’t just inspire the Muslims but stayed as a motivation and source of inspiration for people throughout the world. Even today, Iqbal is just not considered a personality but a subject. Iqbaliat is studied on university level in Pakistan and there are billions of research thesis papers written on his ideas and poetry. Allama Muhammad Iqbal is considered as a “Shayer e Mashriq”, the “Poet of East”. He was a modern and educated Muslim yet his beliefs clearly stated that he was against the modernism that leads the way to westernization of Muslims. He believed that eastern values had more strength and depth in relevance to Western lifestyle. He considered eastern culture and society as an identification mark for Muslims of South Asia.

Suraj hmein hr sham yeh dars deta hai..
Maghrib ki traf jaogay tou doob jao gay..

Chor Europe k lye raks e bdan k khum o paich
Rooh k raks mein h booay-e-ilaahi

Leave the movement of body dance for Europe
In the dance of soul, there is a fragrance of Allah

Allama Iqbal closely observed the state of plight of Muslims of south Asia and the world. He believed that non Islamic practices led Muslims to the state of affairs where they gradually lost the respect that they had gained during their Golden Era of rule and success.

Gnwa di hm ne jo islaaf se miraas pai th..

Suraya se zameen pr asmaan ne hm k de maara!

Iqbal’s poetry was constituted not only in Urdu but in various other languages as well, out of which Persian stands highlighted. Later his work was translated in several other languages as well including English. His work never died never faded and never lost its influence. Even today his poetry is used as a tool of great inspiration for young generation. He called them “Shaheen” and wrote poems and poems of motivation and inspiration. He explained why is it important for today’s generation to know their worth and to know what great magic they posses inside. He had very high hopes regarding the heights of success that young generation could achieve only if they realized the strength of their arms. There are so many points of betterment that he deeply emphasized on and considered that those points are so valid that if they are worked on, young generation can do marvels.

Nahi tera nasheman, kasr e sultani k gunbad pr..
Tu shaheen hai, basera kr, paharrun ki chitanu mein..

Iqbal, the dreamer of a purified land where humans will be treated in a dignified manner. The land to be owned by the young generation, His Shaheens. The land where humans will know their worth. The land where the humans would enjoy their rights equally. But unfortunately today we have turned out to be everything against Iqbal’s ideas. If judged on the basis of moral values we have ended into a blind tunnel of fake images where we stand shallow in our characters and highlighted in our fakeness. How beautifully Iqbal summed this up :

Dil paak nahi tou paak ho sakta nai insaan
Wrna iblees ko b aatay thay wazu k faraiz boht..

Iqbal not only aspired for an independent country but also inspired young Muslims to bring best out of them. He stated his hopes as :

Nahi hai na umeed Iqbal apni kasht e veeraa’n se
Zra num ho tou yeh matti boht zrkhaiz hai saaki

Iqbal died long before the independence of Pakistan but his teachings still stand as a high flag waving for the betterment of Muslim Ummah. He didn’t just address one or two aspects of life, but wholeheartedly described every angle of it. His teachings are a way of motivation and guidance to all of us. If we really look into the state of affairs we are currently in, we might be ashamed to meet in eyes with Iqbal. His dreams didn’t want to end the way we are pursuing them today. Its very easy to deliver long lectures on how important Iqbal’s teaching are to us. But to really go out and put the practical value of the teachings in count, I think we would fail. It gives me a lot of pain to say :
Iqbal, teri koam ka Iqbal kho gya..

Its 2018 today and 2019 is just on the corner but where are we? Shadowed by the hatred, false judgment, lack of true faith, pulling legs of the fellow beings, envy, corruption and what not? Its high time that we realize our powers and abilities. Lets vow today that we will become Iqbal’s shaheen and we will prove that we do owe ‘uqaabi rooh’ to meet the challenges that we are facing today. May his soul rest in deep peace. Ameen.


Author: BinteSaghir

Living a set dream of my beloved parents.Physician by profession - an author by choice.“Humanity is the answer”.

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