This too shall pass

If you are stressing over anything. Spare a few minutes and read this. And let me know if it worked out 🙂

Here is to the people reading this and suffering from some pain that they think, might not go away too soon. I am not a motivational speaker or a magician who would do some magic and take away the suffering from you. But i have a few words to share and i believe for the ones who are in shadows, even a ray of hope can be really helping. So here we go.

What are you upto these days?
Ummm Overthinking? Worrying? Crying? Imagining situations and then thinking NO NO it cant happen to me? And think oh, why would it happen to me? If its the case then probably you are at some right platform. Because i am going to talk about all those little matters that apparently sound very little to the by-standers but for the concerned parties, are pretty big.

Lets begin with this..
Its midnight, you are laying on your bed. Tossing your phone, changing sides on your bed, waiting for someone to give you a reply or thinking why did a friend talk this way to you? or thinking where am I standing in my career/education? Concerned about your parents getting old. You might also be thinking of the possible financial situation that you expect for yourself. All is running in your mind. Clock is tick-toking. Seconds, Minutes and oh wait hours have passed but nothing has changed. Really? You expect it to happen overnight? You end up having headache. You have to get up early tomorrow and yet you are not asleep.

That’s all that happens everyday and your situation isn’t changing. Your worry is not fading.

Now listen and follow the instructions..

Breath. Breath in, Breath out.Okay. Put your head at rest, either at the back of your chair or your bed. Carefully analyze. What exactly is the reason? No its not like everything is messed up. Start from yourself. Your health, your education, your career, your relationships, everything. Figure it out. Suppose the problem is with you. Suppose you are not well. Okay. Your health is not fine. Accept this. Acceptance is the first step towards the cure. Its hard. Its hard to accept. But had life give you a choice, would you be in the same hot water? Of course No. So tell yourself. You don’t have an option but to accept the situation you are in. I know its painful. I know your neighbor is not suffering from it. I know your that weird classmate who bullied you last week, he is doing fine. Your ex is getting along really well with his/her new relationship. But you, you are in this situation. You are facing a problem. May it be any of those that i mentioned above (could be other than these too).

Okay so problem has been figured out. In your mind you know, what’s it. Alright. At least step 1 is clear. At least you know whats it. At least you have told your mind what’s the issue. Now lets move to towards step two. Its to do it yourself. Yeah. Its not the first time that you are at loss in life. Might be first time too if you are a teenager. But if you are in 20s i bet its not the first time. Remember the day when you thought its the worst day? But somehow you managed to overcome it. Any of you if you ever lost any of your beloved relationship. May be you can co-relate to this. Remember when you lost the person. Didn’t it stab in your heart? You thought you won’t survive but you did. So you think its going to be any harder than that? Suppose it is. Then at least you have survival immunity. and if you have thought and found that its not that hard then my dear its already sorted. You are doing great and you are definitely coming out of this soon.

But, if you think no its the hardest thing ever to hit you. Then lets do something else. Lets boost our morals by the stories of people who have gone through worst and never really gave up. Back in 2005 when i lost my cousin in a car accident. Before breaking the news to us, my father mentioned all the people who lost their families in earthquake of 8th October. Just so that we get mentally prepared to what was coming next… and yeah we did get ready to hear that we too have lost someone. I wont say the news didn’t hit me hard but trust me if it was told me otherwise, i would have thought that i am the only one in this world to have bore this loss. It would have been much worse then. Anyways my point is, tell yourself that its not just you. There is a world out there. and how about i tell you that there a billion of people in this world who don’t even enjoy the 85% of basic needs that you do. Be thankful. Yeah. Say ALHAMDULILAH, say a prayer. Thank GOD. At least you are well enough to be reading a blog at this moment. You have access to internet (Oh wow) and probably you holding a phone and a laptop too. AND YOU THINK YOU ARE NOT BLESSED?

Okay Step 3.

Ask a friend. Your childhood best buddy? Your mother? Your father? Your sister? Where is your brother? And what about your husband? Your wife? Oh you are single. Okay no problem. Your guy friends? or your girl gang? Great. Go to anyone of them. They are always there. Pick up your phone. Call. Call them. Talk to them. Oh come on. They wont judge you. Share it. Speak your heart. Ask for help. They love you. They’l help you. Okay great. Feeling better? Awesome. At least something has worked out.

If you still dint feel better then continue to step 4.

No. No one? Oh. Someone didn’t pick your phone? Hmmmmm you cant tell this to your parents. Your siblings are busy. And ohh, you don’t trust your friends. I see,you are single. so what to do now? SO you are alone. Ummm there is no one. Really? you think?

What about the one who created you? The one who loves you more than 70 mothers? You think is far? He is nearer to you than your Jugular vein. How could you forget Him? You thought you would forget HIM and you will manage your tasks?

No my dear. He is there. He is watching over you. He has put you in this situation because He knows you can go through it and then grow through it and finally glow through it. Yes. His help is near. He has promised it. He will never abandon you. Ask him. He will never judge you. He is happy when you talk to him. You talk to him and He will talk back to you. Read His book. Prostrate. Bow down. Imagine He is in front of you. Cry, Share and Repent. He listens, He forgives.

You might not get the solution but you will get in peace with your situation. You will know that you are capable of bearing it. He says in Quran:

“We burden not anyone but that he can bear”

You have given off your worries to him. Now sleep peacefully. Let his angels do the task. You keep your faith. Stay positive.

May He heals all whats broken and what you hide inside.

To my brothers and sisters across the world.. #Burma #Maynamar #Syria

Oh cheerful winds of Peace,

Where did ur smile go?

Vanished in the valley where bombs blow?

I live away and far away from you,

But i hear the news of your woe,

I m happy in my life at my home

Since your homicide doesn’t affect my flow,

I, as a bystander witness the atrocities,

Observe the burning and smoldering cities,

Why doesn’t the flame keep me from sleeping?

And why doesn’t Insomnia dwell in with curiosities?

Silent is the sinful soul of mine,

Fearless from wrath of the divine,

Ears deaf, eyes blind, lips sealed,

Vanished Humanity with no sign,

In Burma you were burnt,
In Syria you were drowned,

In Pakistan you were bombed,

In Palestine you were buried,

In Kashmir you were fired,

Ah my people u’being destroyed and destroyed..

Forgive me that I’m ignorant,

Forgotten that the fire in the neighbor would burn me too,,

For that day we must be prepared to hear from you,,

“I heard the news, the nation being burnt is Who?

This poem is particularly dedicated to the suffering nations across the World. I know may be this written piece won’t bring any betterment to any of them. But thats my part which was vital to be played. Jihad bil Kalam. May Allah swt bestow His mercy on all of us.

With deepest love and saddest voice!