To my brothers and sisters across the world.. #Burma #Maynamar #Syria

Oh cheerful winds of Peace,

Where did ur smile go?

Vanished in the valley where bombs blow?

I live away and far away from you,

But i hear the news of your woe,

I m happy in my life at my home

Since your homicide doesn’t affect my flow,

I, as a bystander witness the atrocities,

Observe the burning and smoldering cities,

Why doesn’t the flame keep me from sleeping?

And why doesn’t Insomnia dwell in with curiosities?

Silent is the sinful soul of mine,

Fearless from wrath of the divine,

Ears deaf, eyes blind, lips sealed,

Vanished Humanity with no sign,

In Burma you were burnt,
In Syria you were drowned,

In Pakistan you were bombed,

In Palestine you were buried,

In Kashmir you were fired,

Ah my people u’being destroyed and destroyed..

Forgive me that I’m ignorant,

Forgotten that the fire in the neighbor would burn me too,,

For that day we must be prepared to hear from you,,

“I heard the news, the nation being burnt is Who?

This poem is particularly dedicated to the suffering nations across the World. I know may be this written piece won’t bring any betterment to any of them. But thats my part which was vital to be played. Jihad bil Kalam. May Allah swt bestow His mercy on all of us.

With deepest love and saddest voice!